Tech To Tech

Tech To Tech: The technical backing service offered to the Partners.


WTK invested and still invest considerable resources in the professionalism and know-how of its technological department  besides the vanguard equipment which allow us to plan and carry out innovative products tailored to meet the specific demand of every client.

The company boasts a research and development  team using  the most updated software to accomplish accurate thermodynamic and fluid dynamic simulations.

Owing to a highly equipped testing lab we can verify the functioning of each product previously simulated, so fastening the planning /execution process.

The ongoing investments in research and development lately let WTK  obtain several approvals such as ASME, DNV; Lloyd’s Register and to enter different sectors as the maritime, low temperature applications and Oil&gas.

These are only a few of the reasons why our customers apply today to us with the awareness of meeting a true Partner Company with whom to deal and match in order to reach ambitious plans.

The tech To Tech service is one of the strong points of the relationship between WTK and its Partners. A technical department ready to interface directly the different partners and the client of the moment from the assess to the final layout of the product.

WTK is able to provide, upon request, the planning and prothotype of customized plans